Love your gut and get your nutrition back on track

Love your gut and get your nutrition back on track

Everything starts with the health of the gut, so ensure that your food is properly digested. Good digestion relies on the right enzymes in the right amounts being at the right place and time. Check out the Enzymedica brand of digestive enzymes  Digest Spectrum, The Multiple Food Intolerance Formula has a unique combination of high-potency enzymes that give specialized digestive support.
There’s a whole range of digestive enzymes available at Enzymedica.
The healing of the gut will also have an effect on your skin. Many skin conditions are believed to be linked to gut health. It’s believed that drinking kefir recently proven to be the most effective probiotic and applying kefir based skincare.
Chuckling Goat sell Goat Milk Kefir and a wonderful range of skincare.


How should I sleep to help my back?

As age has slowly caught up with me, I've found my back is becoming ever increasingly stiff and quite painful.

Here are a few tips to help with a bad back!

1 - Avoid sleeping on your front.
     If you sleep on your front your neck is twisted to one side and there is an increased curve in the
     lower back.

2 - Try these sleeping positions!
      Putting a pillow between your knees stops your pelvis from twisting when you are on your side.

3 - Invest in a good pillow and mattress!
     Your pillow needs to support your neck but not be too high or too low. Change your mattress
     every 10 years.

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