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Chocolate Purition 

Saturday 27th August 2016

Purition Chocolate Flavoured Wholefood Protein Shake. Made with 70% wholefood ingredients and triple-filtered whey from British milk.
Deliciously nutty shakes support your healthy eating, weight and fitness goals with quick convenient nutrition that fits your busy lifestyle.

High Protein |  High Fibre  |  Low Sugar  |  Gluten Free

I started my diet today. I kicked off with the Purition chocolate flavoured shake, I added 4 scoops (scoop inside bag) to about 250ml of full-fat milk, I would have preferred to use Almond milk, but didn't have any available, so full-fat milk was my chosen milk.

You can add, ice, berries, spinach, avocado, cinnamon, vanilla or use warm milk, I did not add anything ...  I whizzed it up with a hand blender and consumed it immediately. 

It was very tasty and went down well, I enjoyed it .... this was my breakfast and made a pleasant change from corn flakes.

I actually felt comfortably full afterwards and got myself ready to go out to a meeting.
I did not feel hungry for a good 4 hours which is brilliant.
I let myself down at the meeting by accepting a slice of swiss roll cake... well it would have been rude not to, Right?

I ordered the Purition products online and purchased 3 as it's discounted a lot.

I've eaten a cooked meal today, but I'm feeling full and do not feel the need to want to snack.

I've only had one shake today. I need to increase the shakes and reduce the amount of cooked food I'm eating ... and try to leave chocolate alone! yes I ate a sneaky bar after my meal.

I have two other flavours which I'm looking forward to trying. Strawberry & Mac & vanilla.

These products do not have 

  • colours
  • flavourings
  • no gums
  • no GM ingredients
  • no nasties
  • no nonsense
It would have been helpful if I knew what my weight is ... but our scales don't work. Take it from me, I'm over-weight, especially around the middle.
(The middle age spread) 

Having a Chronic illness leaves me feeling washed out and fatigued, so it's important for me to try and stay as healthy as possible, and to try improving my energy levels.

I may or may not have another one before I retire.... and I'll be starting tomorrow with the strawberry flavoured shake ....  watch this space!

Gail x

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